I have a tendency to pick up free pens whenever they are offered. I also prefer writing things down on paper. So it was surprising to me one day that I found I actually did not have a proper pen holder! I have recently been holding all of the pens near my phone in a Red Solo Cup I had left over from a party I hosted.

Storing things in a Solo Cup when you’re an adult is less than ideal aesthetically, so it was time to finally get around to making a pen holder.


  • An empty and washed out tea tin
  • Sliver glitter trim tape
  • Red glitter Duck Tape
  • Scissors


This an and all was a pretty easy little project.  The trickiest part of it was the dollar store tape not being very sticky and not always wanting to stay stuck on the tin.  Especially the trim tape.  With that I took clear packing tape to stop the edges from lifting up on the top and bottom edges of the tin.

The first step I took was to put the silver trim tape along the top and bottom edges of the tin. This is where relief cuts are your friend and come in very handy, especially when trying to put a rectangular piece of tape around a curved cylinder.

After the trim has been relief cut and pressed down, it becomes time for the red glitter tape! This I used the seam lines of the tin and treated that as a seam line for the tape. Starting from the back of the tin, carefully as can be wrapped the glitter tape around the top, bottom, and middle of the tin like below. The glitter tape itself was a little bit thin and transparent which is hard to see in the photos, so I decided to add a second layer of glitter tape. The silver trim tape did not want to stick very well so my last step in this process was to cut up pieces of clear packing tape to act as a bridge to keep them inside the tin.

As you can see, a much better result than using a red solo cup!